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Indonesian islands and transportation

Indonesian island and transportation service and about food for travelers

Indonesian islands and transportation services for travelers traveling to Indonesian islands using LORENA BUS EXCECUTIVE CLASS

Hi travelers,for this time i will introduce you to the islands in indonesian

And also how to easly travel with bus to visit the islands in here

Also about the people and hom many tribes in here also about indonesian food traditional

Just information for you travelers,if the islands of indonesian in 2002 based on the results of a study of satellite images stated that number of islands in indonesian was 18,306

Of the many islands in indonesian only about 6,000 are inhabitat

5 List of biggest islands in indonesian

indonesian islands and transport
  • West Papua
  • Kalimantan or Borneo
  • Borneo or Kalimantan
  • Sumatera
  • Sulawesi
  • Java

Indonesian islands and transportation and traditional food

34 Provinces in Indonesia Sequentially :

The 34 provinces in Indonesia above are

10 provinces on the island of Sumatra

6 provinces on the island of Sulawesi

5 provinces on the island of Kalimantan,

4 provinces in the Maluku Islands and Papua,

6 provinces on the island of Java, and

3 provinces on the island of Bali and the Nusa Tenggara Islands, here are the details.

And here are the details for your trevelers


1.Nanggroe Aceh Darusalam

  • The province which has the nickname veranda of macca has the capital city of banda aceh and popular traditional food is SATE MATANG

2.North Sumatra

  • The provincial capital is MEDAN
  • Popular traditional food is SOTO MEDAN

3.West Sumatra

  • The provincial is PADANG
  • Popular traditional food is RENDANG or Named is PADANG RICE

4. Riau

  • The provincial is PEKANBARU
  • Popular traditional food is GULAI IKAN FATIN

5.Riau Island

  • The province is TANJUNG PINANG
  • Popular traditional food is Otak Otak

6. Jambi

  • The province is JAMBI
  • Popular traditional food is TEMPOYAK

7. South Sumatra

  • The province is PALEMBANG
  • Popular traditional food is EMPEK – EMPEK

8. Bangka Belitung Island

  • The province is Pangkal Pinang
  • Popular traditonal food is MARTABAK BANGKA

9. Bengkulu

  • The province is BENGKULU
  • Popular traditional food is BAGAR HIU

10. Lampung

  • The province is BANDAR LAMPUNG
  • Popular traditional food is PINDANG IKAN PATIN


  1. Banten
  • The province is BANTEN
  • Popular tradional food is Name ANGEUN LADA

2. JAKARTA ( The capital city of indonesian )

  • Popular traditonal food is Named KERAK TELOR

3. West Java

  • The province is BANDUNG
  • Popular tradional food is KAREDOK

4. Central Java

  • The province is SEMARANG
  • Popular tradional food is LUMPIA

5. Jogyakarta

  • The province is JOGYAKARTA
  • Popular tradional food is GUDEG

6. East Java

  • The province is SURABAYA
  • Popular tradional food is RUJAK CINGUR


  1. Maluku
  • The province is AMBON
  • Popular tradional food is PAPEDA

2. North Maluku

  • The province is SOFIFI
  • Popular tradional food is GOHU IKAN

3. West Papua

  • The province is MANOKWARI
  • Popular tradional food is SATE ULAT SAGU

4. Papua

  • The province is named JAYAPURA
  • Popular tradional food is SAMBAL COLO – COLO


  1. BALI
  • The province is named DENPASAR
  • Popular tradional food is BEBEK BETUTU

2. West Nusa Tenggara

  • The province is named MATARAM
  • Popular tradional food is NASI KUTA RAJA

3. East Nusa Tenggara

  • The province is named KUPANG
  • Popular tradional food is KOLO

6. List provinces on the island of Sulawesi

  1. North Sulawesi
  • The province is named MANADO
  • Popular tradional food is AYAM RICA – RICA

2. West Sulawesi

  • The province is named MAMUJU
  • Popular tradional food is KUE CUCUR

3. Central Sulawesi

  • The province is named PALU
  • Popular tradional food is KEPURUNG

4 South Eeast Sulawesi

  • The province is named KENDARI
  • Popular tradional food is SINONGGI

5. South sulawesi

  • The province is named MAKASAR
  • Popular tradional food is COTO MAKASAR

6. Gorontalo

  • The province is named GORONTALO
  • Popular tradional food is SATE TUNA

5. List provinces on the island of Sulawesi

  1. West Kalimantan
  • The province is named PONTIANAK
  • Popular tradional food is MIE TIAW

2. Central Kalimantan

  • The province is named PALANGKARAYA
  • Popular tradional food is JUHU KUJANG

3. South Kalimantan

  • The province is named BANJARMASIN
  • Popular tradional food is SOTO BANJAR

4. North Kalimantan

  • The province is named TANJUNG SELOR
  • Popular tradional food is KEPITING SOKA

5. East Kalimantan

  • The province is named SAMARINDA
  • Popular tradional food is SAYUR ASAM KUTAI
Indonesian island and transportation

And this is the most inportant part for your travelers

While in indonesian you can choice the mode of transportation by using an air plane or using a ferry to corss to small island

And if you want to enjoy more a good idea is to take the bus,here you can see the beautiful acenery during the trip

One of the best operators in indonesian is LORENA TRANSPORT BUS,okey guys

The lorena transport bus serves routes to all cities on the island of java-bali-sumatra and madura

bus lorena super excutive class
Lorena transport bus

Hopefully my article can help all lover of travelers

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