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Raja ampat archipelago west papua

Raja Ampat Archipelago is a hidden paradise located in West Papua, Indonesia

There are many amazing places for you to see and feel

Hai trevelers this time i will writing article about raja ampat and how to go to visit and about everything that will make you feel are on the hiden paradise island

Well travelers friends,i will make a list of 4 main islands that you must visit while in raja ampat islands

raja ampat salawati island

Salawati island has a very beautiful beach and for hotel per night start from from IDR 500.000 or around 35 USD

raja ampat archipelago west papua

Misool island here you can enjoy the beautiful little evidence and surround by boat and diving too

For hotels on this island per night starting with the price IDR 350.000 or around 25 USD


waigeo island here you can see the local culture

For the price lodging here per night IDR 250.000 or around 17 USD

batata island

Batanta island here you can see beautiful natural of waterfall

Then how to come to here maybe someone asked,okey i will continue with my articel for you travelers

First if you arrive in the capital of jakarta,indonesian

  • You have to buy a plane ticket to go to the city of sorong,west papua
  • For flight ticket price is IDR 2.000.000 or around 141 USD
  • After arriving in the sorong city you can take the ferry to the port of sorong
  • There are two departure schedule everyday at 09.00 and 14.00
  • From jakarta to sorong with airplane is 4 hours

As for the travelers who want to take a longer trio to do backpacking by seeing all the cities in indoensian

The choice is to take the LORENA BUS from pulogebang jakarta terminal

  • From this bus terminal departs at 11.00 am
  • You have to buy a lorena bus ticket to surabaya,east java
  • For the ticket price is IDR 400.000 or around 28 USD with super excutive bus
  • After arriving in surabaya city you will continue to the port namely is tanjung emas
  • By taking this ferry you need 4 day to arrive in sorong city papua

its a bit long but this is only for backpackers who want to get to know the people here

During the trip and also see all the beautiful cities and islands that this with ferry passes through

Fery to sorong

Ferry from port tanjung emas to go sorong west papua

For ticket price is IDR 750.000 or around 54 USD

This is the end of my writing for your travelers,who want to visit and get to know raja ampat archipelago more better and welcome to the hidden of paradise in the part of indonesian country

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adelia riyanti

Kepala kantor agen bus po lorena karina dan Esl Express cikopo cikampek purwakarta

Anda mungkin juga suka...

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