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Borobudur temple

Borobudur tample is the largets site in the worlds located on magelang and you can visit with lorena

Borobudur tample is the largets site in the worlds located on magelang jogyakarta central of java indonesian

The temple is a relic of the anciient mataram kingdom and is one of the UNESCO world heritages

And is visited by millions of local and foreign tourist every year

History of borobudur temple

Borobudur was built by mahayana buddhist during the reign of the syalindra dynasty around 800 AD of the 9th century

This temple was bulit during the heyday of the syailendra dynasty and the founder of borobudur is king SAMARATUNGGA

This temple was build around 824 AD and was completed around the year 900 AD during the reign of queen pramuwhardani

Who was of the doughter of king samaratungga,while the architec who was instrumental in building this temple according to a heredistary story named gunadaharma

How to visit borobudur temple for your are treveler from the capital jakarta of indonesian

For locan and foreign trevelers,if come from jakarta you can visit thie temple site from the pulogebang terminal for the option of using the bus

And for lorena bus itself to go to borobudur the ticket fare is IDR 250,000 or around 16 usd

You have to choice the bus from jakarta to go to solo with lorena bus and far acsess to this temple

You have to stop at the bawen terminal in central of java and continue with the local bus

To go to the location,For bus local the price bus ticket around IDR 30,000 or 2 USD

Sunset on borobudur temple

Sunset in borobudur temple

Borobudur temple

foreign tourist on borobudor

Entrence ticket pricet to borobudur temple
  • For local tourists the price ticket Rp 50,000
  • And for international toursit 20 USD

By the way you can try traditonal food in here named is GUDEG


Gudeg rice with spicy

Must-visit local attraction

  • Yogyakarta palace
  • Malioboro street
  • Prambanan temple
  • Parang tritis beach
  • Grojogan watu waterfall
  • Merapi mountain

Nearby hotel prices

Fore the hotel prices here start from IDR 200,000 or around 17 USD

This is an article about the way to the borobudur temple,hopefully it can usefull for you trevelers

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