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Trip to komodo island for backpacker

How to take trip to komodo island in nusa east, indonesia

Komodo island is popular with name The dragon island

For bakcpacker from jakarta or from bali island and the best time to visit it

hi traveler if you want to go to komodo island by backpacker from jakarta

Then you have to go to pulogebang bus terminal and buy lorena bus tickets with the aim of going to bali island first

The lorena bus excecutive class ticket price for the island of bali is IDR 650,000 or around $ 46

Lorena bus departure schedule from pulogebang terminal at 11.30 am

This bus very comfortable during the trip you will get free meal service 3 times and the length of the trip from jakarta to bali is 26 hours

During the trip form jakarta to bali you will enjoy beautiful viwes becouse this bus crosess cities in java

Furethermore the travelers if you have arrived in denpasar bali ,you can rest one night at the nearst hotel

And tomorrow morning you can continue the journey by bus to bajo harbor from the mengwi bali terminal bus

For the price ticket of an excecutive bus to the bajo port of east nusa southeast is IDR 550,000 or around $39

The bus departure schedule from the mengwi terminal is at 07.00 am and the journey time is 22 hours

After arriving at the port of labuan bajo,travelers must use a ferry to get to komodo island

And for the fare is IDR 800,000 or around $ 57 this ferry will then dock at the komodo island dock

Becous to go to arround this island you have to use a small boat

The price include circumnavigating and visiting several islands on the island of komodo

Interesting fact on this island after a long journey


Natural habitat of rere animals from antiquity

Travel to komodo island

Pink beach on komodo island

komodo island resort

Komodo resort in labuan bajo

komodo island scuba

Komodo island the best place for scuba diving

Best time to visit this island

For trevelers who want to see komodo dragons in person its in july to september

Thats my article of the backpacker trip to komodo island and for trevelers who have little time

The best solution is to use an airplane to get to going this island

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