Backpacker journey to bali

Backpacker journey to bali island of indonesian with lorena bus

Backpacker journey to bali island of indonesian with bus lorena transportation super executive

Bali island is one of the provinces in indonesian,previously travelers should know that

Indonesian is one of largest archipelagic countries in the world

Next i will review about the natural beauty or beach on this island

One other thing the beauty of island of bali has been include in a world class travel magazine

Cities in indonesian that must visted before going to the island of bali for backpacker travelers

fatahilah museum

Fatahilah museum which is located at jalan taman fatahilah No 1,west jakarta.

Formaly the city hall buliding of batavia,the building was ercted from 1707 to 1712 by order the dutch governor general joan van hoorn

In the capital city of jakarta,you can easlly get cheap lodging at a price per night of 200.000 rupiah

Or around $ 13 USD with ac room facilities and get breakfast menu,you can book by

After stay one night int the capital city,you can travel to the solo palace or visit the borobudur temple by using the lorena bus

borobudur tample
Borubudur Tample

For the lorena bus ticket price from jakarta pulogebang terminal to solo the ticket price is 250.000 rupiah or around $ 17 USD

Or if travelers want to directly from jakarta to bali

The lorena bus ticket price is 650.000 rupiah around $ 46 USD

You can enjoy a very amazing road trip across many cities on the indonesian island of java

The lorena bus is one of the best otbus company in indonesian

So that your trip,will be very confortable and memorable


And when arirves on the island of bali,here you can get lodging with price starting from 200.000 or around $ 15 usd

And just additional information for the lunch on bali island is also very cheap starting 20.000 rupiah or around $ 1,3 usd

Here are the best places on the island of bali must be visited for backpacker journey to bali

Banckpacker to bali island

Pura luhur uluwatu bali

backpack to bali island

Seminyak beach

Address: Jl. Dhyana Pura No.99, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesian

bali island

Ubud bali

Address Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kec. Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561

The best hangout place at club on the island of bali

omnia bali

To the enter to omnia club,travelers will be charged an entrance ticket for 200.000 rupiah or around 12 USD

This club provides local and international food and beverege menus

backpacker journey to bali island

To the enter to finns club,travelers will be charged for 200.000 rupiah or around 12 USD

This club provides local and international food and beverage menus

And there are many other intersting places on the island of bali,hopefully my article can help backpacker travelers

Happy holiday travelers

Backpacker journey to bali


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