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a traditional house of kubu tribe
Traditional house of kubu tribe

Kubu tribe in jambi indonesian south east asian

Kubu tribe in jambi sumatra island of indonesian

The kubu tribes or also known as the anak dalam tribe or the jungle people are one of the minority tribes

That live on the island of sumatra,prescisely in the province of jambi and south sumatra

The mostly live in jambi province,with an estimated population of around 200,000 people

According to the histroical tradition of anak dalam tribe,the malaau perverted people

Who fled the jungle around air hitam,bukit dua belas national park ,they were later caled the ancestors of sagaoyo

They life a nomadic and lived by hunting and gathering

And the majority of these tribes are still animeism like other ancient tribes

Kubu tribe

Foreign tourist with one of the kubu tribe families

If you are interested in adventurous travel the right choice is to come here,it will be a memorable memory in your life

Then how do you do it if you have arrived in jakarta indonesian to go to jambi to vist this tribe

Especially if you want travel with bus,which will impres you

During the trip to see the natural beauty and cities that are during your trip

The right choice for you from jakarta is to depart from the kalideres bus terminal

By using the lorena excecutive class bus,becouse terminal kalideres near from sukarno hatta airport

Kubu tribe in jambi indonesian


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Hopefully my article can be useful for travelers who is like challenges and adventures

Becouse in the forest of kubu tibes there are many intersting place and with unspoiled nature

And by the way you need to know that the island of sumatra is one of the largest in the world besides the amazon in south american

Thank you for read kubu tribe in jambi


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