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The Mandalika Indonesia International Circuit

The mandalika indonesia location where the MotoGP and WSBK event will be held for the 2022 season on the island of lombok

Mandalika international circuit was built in october 2019 and completed in october 2021

With a construction cost of more then 70 million USD

The mandalika circuit officially has new name is PERTAMINA MANDALIKA INTERNATIONAL STREET CIRCUIT

Mandalika circuit will be tested by MotoGP riders in february 2022 this is the agenda for the MotoGP teams

Mandalika Circuit Profile, Layout, Track Lenght, Number of Corners, To Architect

According to the Official WSBK site, this circuit has lenght of up to 4.31 Km with a width of 15 meters

From the lenght The riders must conquer as many as 17 corners

with 11 corners leading to the right and 6 other leading to the left

In addition, this circuit has two service road wihich has a lenght of 3.8Km and a width of 14 meters

There is also an outer service road with a lenght of 4.32 Km and a width of 14 meters

Not to forget this pit line with lenght of 835 meters and a width of 14 meters

The paddock in mandalika circuit consists of 40 garages with building area of 13,700 square meters

Each garages has a width of 5.42 meters and lenght of 18.34 meters

The paddock consists of there floors with VVIP stands and media center on the second floor

Then on thrid floor the paddock used for boat and medical center for racers

The architect of the mandalika circuit is a company populous from Uk,and this company has excperience

And often hold international events in the field pf sports, one of which is to build a wembley stadium

The mandalika circuit uses the stone mastic asphalt and this is the best asphalt in the world

This type of ashpalt makes the road smoother so that the rider does not easly slip during rainy conditions,and reduce the risk falling when crossing wet track

The mandalika indonesia
The mandalika international circuit

What are the things about mandalika other then the international circuit for tourist ?

With an area of about 1,035 hectares and beauty of its beaches,

The mandalika lombok island has the potential to become a world-class tourist destination

There are many resorts and hotels in mandalika like a Pullman hotels & resorts 5 stars hotel, and many more option for visitors when watching the race at once for the holidays

This place is also not far from the island of bali which is already known as the island of gods for local and foreign tourist,more the precisely to the west of this island

While to the east of the island is the PULAU KOMODO or popular with name the island of dragon,so this place must be visited not only enjoy the race but aslo very suitable for a vacation right ?

Mandalika resort

One of the natural beauties on the island of mandalika

4 Major Racing Event To Take Place At The Mandalika Indonesia Circuit From Superbike To MotoGP

  1. Asian Telent Cup 12 -14 November
  2. World Superbike 19 -21 November
  3. MotoGP preseasion test 2022 febuary 11 – 13
  4. MotoGP second series 2022 march 18 -20
  • Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup

Asia Telent Cup is one of brand racing event featuring young riders in asian continent, the second event is Dorna Sports has confirmed indonesia as the organizer of the Superbike world championship at the mandalika circuit, November 19 -21

Superbike also features several racing classes such as the superbike 300 world championship and also supersport.

  • MotoGP

The Mandalika Indonesia Circuit has also regristered as the venue for the 2022 MotoGP preseason test on february 11 -13,

This is an opportunity for MotoGP riders to get to know the circuit that has lenght of 4.31 Km with 17 corners

The Mandalika Interntational Circuit in Indonesia

The name mandalika is taken from the story of a legendary princess named mandalika who is know to beautiful princess

Every Year the people of lombok celebrate the ceremony Bau Nyale, which is a ritual ceremony looking for worms the are considered as the incarnation of the mandalika princess

The mandalika international circuit video
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